Information for students

Published: 10 March 2020

Updated 30 June 14.10.
The university is closely following developments in the context of covid-19 and the decisions taken by the government and the public health agency. Luleå University of Technology's coordination group for corona/covid-19 will meet only in special cases during the summer. Work will resume in the autumn.

Quarter 1, 31 Aug-30 Oct, autumn 2020

Quarter 1 is planned to be carried out physically and digitally. You should be prepared to attend a campus-based education. Those who are starting term 1 will be given priority for teaching in the university premises. Your teacher will inform you about what applies. This may also apply to Quarter 2, 2 Nov-16 Jan, provided no new decision is made.

Re-examination August 2020

Read more here.

For International Master Students

Information for International Master Students in FAQ, the English version.

Latest information on distance learning

  • The re-examination in August 2020 is conducted as distance examination.
  • The start of the study in the fall of 2020 is planned with digital registration of new students on August 19 and possibly physical study start from August 26 if possible.
  • All students should be prepared for in-person education during the fall.
  • The premises are accessible to anyone with access card and code.
  • Students are advised to monitor their LTU e-mail and Log in to Ladok and check that your email and phone numbers are correct.

Recommendations to avoid the spread of infection

  • Important! Stay home if you're sick!
  • All employees / students who show the slightest signs of cold / respiratory symptoms should stay at home, according to information from the Public Health Authority . Wait at least two days after you recover before going to work or school.
  • Wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face and eyes and close contact with sick people.

Recommendations from Luleå University of Technology

  • Students are urged to keep themselves generally informed via the Public Health Agency's web site, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and 1177 Health Care Guide as information and recommendations can be changed from day to day.
  • Students who are abroad are advised to find out information about the Travel app on the Foreign Ministry's website. International office at Luleå University of Technology has contact with students who are abroad.

Be critical and keep up to date

Follow the information of the expert authorities and check information that is disseminated in the media and in social media and stay updated on this page.

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