Latest information about the coronavirus

Published: 12 March 2020

Updated 18 September, 09.55.
Please take a moment to read the latest information from the University management. The text will be updated as soon as new information is available. The following is addressed to staff and students at Luleå University of Technology due to the coronavirus/Covid-19.

Latest information

  • Region Norrbotten informs that people with cold symptoms can test for Covid-19. Region Västerbotten also conduct tests.
  • You who have a confirmed covid-19 infection should stay at home for at least seven days after you have fallen ill. You should also have been free from fever the last two days and clearly feel better, according to the Swedish Health Agency, the heading "How can we reduce the spread of infection".
  • Region Norrbotten, infection tracing unit, initiates infection tracing and discussion about possible measures at workplaces and schools.
  • If someone you live with has been diagnosed with covid-19, read the information on Swedish Public Health Agency, read more under the headline "What should we do if someone in our household is ill with suspected or confirmed covid-19?"

Travels and visitors

Term 1

Before the start of the semester, auditoriums, classrooms, study rooms and the university library's premises were prepared to follow the guidelines on precautionary measures, such as physical distancing and access to hand alcohol and the possibility of hand washing. The university has also strengthened cleaning with changed routines, including wiping with desinfectants on contact surfaces.

The size of the groups for, among other things, teaching and examination must be adapted with a physical distance of at least 1.5 meters. All classrooms and auditoriums are adapted to current recommendations, which means halving the number of seats. In large auditoriums, a third of the seats are used. Everyone has a responsibility to follow that recommendation. All our campuses have information about covid-19 in public places and in classrooms.

The university continues to urge everyone to take the precautions recommended by the Swedish Public Health Agency, such as good hand hygiene, stay home for cold symptoms, even for mild symptoms, avoid touching your hands on your face, and keep your distance from others.
Employees and students must be able to feel secure that Luleå University of Technology complies with the Swedish Public Health Agency's regulations and general advice. If a student or employee is very worried, they are encouraged to contact their course coordinator or immediate supervisor.

Autumn 2020

The recommendations of the National Health Agency are still the same as earlier.
Reading period 1, it will be carried out physically and digitally. As a student, you should be prepared to find yourself in place if you attend a campus-based education.
If you will go first semester, a part of the teaching will take place on the university premises.

Your teacher will inform you about what applies. This applies to reading period 1, but also to reading period 2, provided that no new decision is made.
From August 15, the general decision to work at home for the staff is canceled. Read more in Information for staff.


Read more here.

For International Master Students

Recommendations from the Public Health Agency

  • Read the recommendations, in english and other languages, from the Public Health Agency of Sweden here

Changes in waiting period deduction

Maximum 50 persons

  • From Sunday, March 29, gatherings with more than 50 people are not allowed. 


    According to the Swedish Public Health Agency, workplaces and schools are not covered by the ban on public gatherings and public events, but the university calls for minimizing activities that brings many people together.

Earlier information

  • Important! If you are sick, stay at home! Do not return to work or school for at least two days after you have recovered, according to the Public Health Agency of Sweden's recommendations.
  • If you have a family member who is ill, you can go to work as long as long you have no symptoms yourself.
  • All public events at Vetenskapens hus are cancelled until further notice.

Recommendations to avoid the spred of Covid-19

  • Important! If you are sick, stay at home!
  • All employees/students who exhibit the slightest signs of cold/respiratory symptoms should stay at home, according to recommendations from the the Publich Health Agency of Sweden. Employees should report sickness according to ordinary routines.
  • Wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face and eyes and close contact with people who are sick.

Check your facts and stay updated

Continue to follow information at this web site and the websites of the expert authorities. As the situation is constantly changing the University's management has coordination meetings two- threee days a week.