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Donates protective equipment from university lab

Published: 27 March 2020

Region Norrbotten is in dire need of protective equipment to enable its staff to care for patients with covid-19 safely. Luleå University of Technology now donates protective equipment from various laboratories.

For a short time, the need for more care places and a sharp increase in patient numbers in the Norrbotten Region meant that large quantities of protective equipment needed to be procured. The stores gap empty and it is difficult to get deliveries on time. Therefore, the region is now looking for companies or organizations that can contribute in various ways with protective equipment to hospitals and other health care facilities in the county.

Through an initiative from Luleå University of Technology, the Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering was able to donate protective equipment that is usually used in laboratory work at the department. These include overalls, aprons, respirators, goggles, shoe covers and a large number of protective gloves. The department also donates spirits used to disinfect surfaces and hand spirit. The protective equipment will primarily be used at Sunderby hospital and Piteå hospital in the care of patients with covid-19.

"We are humbly grateful"

Niklas Ranneberg, procurement manager and acting procurement manager at Region Norrbotten, came together with procurement colleague Mathilda Broström to retrieve the protective equipment at the university.

– We at Region Norrbotten are humbly grateful for the protective equipment we have received from the university. I am teary eyed by the commitment that exists in the community, Niklas Ranneberg said.

Désirée Nordmark, first research engineer in waste engineering and lab coordinator for the Environmental Laboratory at Luleå University of Technology, was present and handed over the equipment to the region. She told me that there are several different laboratories at the Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering who have contributed and that it is obvious for them to help in every way they can.

Donates respirators


The Department of Health Sciences has also contributed equipment to Sunderby Hospital.
– We have previously donated disposable gloves, disposable aprons and surface disinfection, Ulrica Strömbäck, Senior Lecturer of nursing, says .
Now she also participated in and delivered two respirators and a number of syringe pumps, which are used for administering drugs to patients.
– It feels good to be able to contribute with equipment, Ulrica Strömbäck says.


She says that they have not emptied the storageroom with materials that mainly are used for the practical teaching of specialist nursing in Intensive Care and Anaesthesia Care.
– No, we have made an assessment of what we can give away and still have material left when the university opens and we can have teaching here again. We have lent the two respirators to Region Norrbotten, they are used in our training of specialist nurses of Intensive Care,Ulrica Strömbäck says .