Exams - what applies during the pandemic

Published: 17 March 2020

Updated 22 September 2020 15.26

Exam October 2020

Registration for the exam is open until October 4. Information about how the exam is conducted can be provided by the examiner or examining teacher.

Late registration
No late registration will be possible after October 4.

Queue list
No queue list will be handled this exam period, neither for the distance exam nor in the hall.

Double exam
No application for a double exam is required for the exam period in October. You can write a double exam, which is placed on the same day and time, provided that you can meet the conditions for each exam. Read the instructions carefully to find out what applies to your particular exams. Please note that it is not possible to take two or more supervised exams at the same time, neither the zoom-supervised exam nor the exam in the hall.

Exam adaptation
You apply for exam adaptation as usual after you have registered for your exam(s). The application for examination adaptation must be submitted no later than the last day for registration, no later than 4 October. Here you will find more information and exam adaptation and a link to the application form.

This is what you do as a student if you become ill before the exam
The Public Health Agency's advice to the public is to stay at home if you are ill. If this means that you are prevented from writing an examination due to illness or cold symptoms, the university offers several re-examination opportunities each year. To see which exam opportunities are available, see the link to the Exam below.