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In case of threats and violence

Affecting any individual or business with threats, harassment and extortion has unfortunately become increasingly common in society and also affects the universities in different ways. Threats can occur in different ways and in different forms, directly or indirectly. A direct threat of causing any kind of damage is directed directly to the person or persons concerned while an indirect threat is presented in a more subtle (disguised) manner.

More serious harassment in the form of eg. stalking has also become increasingly noticeable in recent years but also sexual harassment through, among other things, the movement #Metoo.

The university has a zero tolerance regarding threats and harassment, both against employees and students as well as against businesses. Broadly speaking, the zero tolerance means that the university does not accept that unauthorized influence is used as a means of pressure, for own gain or for putting other basic systems at the university out of play.

In order for measures and support to be able to be deployed, the person or persons exposed to a threat need to report it to the immediate supervisor and the university's security officers as soon as possible, this in order to get help and support, but also so that others will not be affected.

General advice if there is an attack or equivalent violent crime

  • Safe : Put yourself in safety, use natural protection and avoid crowds.
  • Attention : Pay attention to what you see and hear, avoid focusing on your phone.
  • Quiet : Turn off the sound on your phone and do not call unnecessarily to people who may be in the danger area.
  • Alarm : Announce important observations to the police by calling 112.
  • Media : Follow the media and pay attention to calls from the authorities.