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In case of burglary and theft

Routines in case of theft or vandalism

Anyone who discovers a theft or vandalism must immediately make a police report and as soon as possible inform the head of department or the immediate superior and contact the university's security officer.

If the property belongs to the university, the university is the plaintiff, but the person who uses the property must be the contact person. If the property is private, the plaintiff is the owner of the property.

Remember in case of theft of:

  • Mobile phone - Bock the phone and contact IT
  • Credit cards - Block the cards
  • Access card - Block the card by contacting Service Point
  • Keys - Report the loss to the university's security officer. A key must not be able to be connected to the room it goes to.
  • Computer - Report the loss of the computer to IT and be sure of routines for backup and passwords that correspond to the system's password policy

How do I prevent theft and damage?

  • Do not store theft-prone equipment or property in public areas
  • Make clear who has the main responsibility for all common equipment
  • Mark, inventory and protect against theft all equipment that is desirable for theft
  • Check equipment regularly

The university has a property and liability insurance via Kammarkollegiet, read more about the insurance on Kammarkollegiet's website.