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We report incitement to racial hatred to the police

Published: 11 November 2022

Luleå University of Technology has made a police report about incitement to racial hatred. The report concerns how the university's student campaign is spread in right-wing extremist contexts with racist undertones. We take this very seriously and consider the comments illegal with the aim of spreading fear in other people.

Luleå University of Technology attracts researchers and students from all over the world. We are proud of this. In order for our research, education and innovations to continue to contribute to society's development, we need to attract even more competence internationally. Therefore, one of the university's main strategies is precisely internationalisation.

Sweden is a country that is based on diversity and the equal value of all people, and it is with great dismay that we see a societal development where these forces are gaining momentum. This is harmful for Sweden and Sweden as a country is losing its reputation internationally because of this development. The whole of Sweden, and not least the northern region with large recruitment needs linked to the green transition, needs to attract labor from all over the world.

The university rests on the state's foundation of values which, among other things, emphasizes democratic values, objectivity and respect for the rights and integrity of all people. The values that characterize Luleå University of Technology are courage, closeness and trust. We dare to challenge and question in order to make room for new ideas. We are proud of each other and of belonging to Luleå University of Technology.