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Photo: Fanny Bergvall

Due to the invasion of Ukraine

Luleå University of Technology closely monitors developments in Ukraine.
This page contains information and recommendations for students and staff on the situation in Ukraine.

In support of Ukraine, democracy and openness, the Ukrainian flag has been hoisted on our campuses.
Please take part of Vice-Chancellor Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn's blog post about the situation in Ukraine: An attack on the entire open society

The university stands behind the statements on solidarity with Ukraine from The Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions (SUHF) and the European University Association (EUA).
» SUHF about the Swedish support for researchers from Ukraine (Only in Swedish)
» EUA statement of solidarity with Ukraine

Support for Ukrainian researchers at Luleå university of Technology

Luleå University of Technology supports Ukrainian researchers
to contribute to the survival of the Ukrainian Academy and make it possible for teachers / researchers to keep in touch with colleagues and their subjects during their time on the run, the university allocates SEK 5 million to offer people who come to us work or scholarships. The institutions also allocate funds.
»The Vice- Chancellor writes about the support

Support targeting Ukrainian researchers

There are a number of joint initiatives underway at Swedish universities, research funding bodies and other actors to support Ukrainian researchers.
» Here is a list of the funds and support available for Ukrainian researchers seeking employment in Sweden.

The university is a support member of Scholars at risk, a network for freedom and protection for at-risk researchers, which is now acting to support Ukrainian researchers.
» Scholars at risk

Support for students and staff

As far as we know, we have no employees or students who are in Ukraine.
At our campuses, we have exchange and master's students, doctoral students and employees from affected areas. We encourage them to contact the Student Health or Occupational Health, if they are in need of support. Employees can also always contact their immediate manager for advice and support on how they experience the situation and how it affects work and wellbeing.
» Student health
» Occupational Health Care - Previa

Collaborations with Russia and Belarus

  • The Swedish government calls on Swedish universities, colleges and research funders to immediately sever contacts and collaborations with government institutions in Russia and Belarus. The university must not have research and educational collaborations that support the Russian government.
  • The government recommends that higher education institutions and other relevant authorities have a very strict stance regarding payments, handling of applications, implementation of projects, conclusion of agreements and the like involving Russian and Belarusian recipients. The basis is that contacts and cooperation with Russian and Belarusian state institutions will cease.
  • The restrictions apply at the organizational level, not towards all individual Russian researchers and students; individual contacts between researchers in Sweden, Russia and Belarus. There are scholars in Russia and Belarus who, with danger to life, openly criticize the actions of the Russian government.
  • Swedish higher education institutions must make careful trade-offs in each relevant case, in order to follow the EU's decision on sanctions and ensure that any individual contacts and collaborations are really appropriate based on national and European political positions.

Being Cybersmart

Information from the university's IT division on what you can do to work in a safe and secure way with the IT support you have and use:
» Secure IT everyday

Information from Swedish authorities

As the situation is changing rapidly, we encourage employees and students to take part of the compiled information from Swedish authorities at about the security situation, travel recommendations, emergency preparedness and the importance of being critical of the source of information and don't pass on unconfirmed rumours etc.
» If crisis or war comes – information folder from The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)