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In case of incident or emergency

The university must be a safe and secure workplace where we have a safety thinking and start from a zero tolerance regarding threats and harassment. Here is information about whether you or the business suffers an unforeseen event that needs to be handled or reported.

  • If you are a student, remember to contact your department or Service Point if necessary.
  • If you are an employee, remember to contact your immediate superior if necessary.

The university's emergency number for a crisis situation is 0920-49 39 29.

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The invasion of Ukraine

Luleå University of Technology closely monitors developments in Ukraine. This page contains information and recommendations for students and staff on the situation in Ukraine.

Infographics brand olycka
Fire or accident

SAVE yourself and others who are at risk - ALERT everyone in the vincinity - CALL 112 - EXTINGUISH the fire if possible

Hot och våld
Threats and violence

Affecting any individual or business with threats, harassment and extortion has unfortunately become increasingly common in society and also affects the universities in different ways.

Personal injury/work injury

In case of a work injury / accident during or when traveling to or from the studies / work where I myself have been injured, a work injury notification must be made. The same applies if I have become ill because of the studies / work.

Report incidents

An incident is an unwanted event or situation that could lead to health problems, illness or accidents. Incidents show where there are work environment risks.

Infographics informationssäkerhet
Report Information Security or Personal Data Incident

Here you can report and read more about Information Security or a personal data incident.

Infographics bevaking
Guards and security

Phone number to the guards at the university. You can also find these numbers on the back of your LTU card

Infographics Hantera kris
Managing crisis

Here you will find information that in the event of a crisis will help you manage and mitigate the situation

Infographics diskriminering

Who to turn to if you have been subjected to discrimination, harassment or other abusive treatment

Infographics Felanmälan lokaler
Incident report

Report faults on equipment, buildings, furniture etc.