Published: 15 May 2018

We want you to spend time on your well-being. We know that this is favourable in the long run for Luleå University of Technology as a whole, and therefore we offer a number of preventive health care benefits.

Health promoting activity

The University devotes work time to physical activity. Entitled to those who are employed for at least 50 %, least six months.

Full-time employees may spend two hours on each week, while part-time employees may use health promoting activity in proportion to his or her employment; a 50 per cent employment corresponds to one hour each week.

Occupational health

As an employee at Luleå University of Technology, you yourself may book an appointment for:
• Health examinations in connection to a new employment and every five years thereafter. From the age of 55, you may undergo a health examination every second year.
• The first two visits to behaviourist or psychologist.
• Ergonomic workplace design after consultation with your immediate superior.

Compensation for doctor and medicines

Reimbursement of costs for health care and medicinal products. Supplementary remuneration from day 15 to day 365, irrespectively of your income. Opportunity to see a doctor during working hours. Reimbursement of costs for health care and prescription-only medicinal products that are verified by receipt and also comprised by the annual maximum patients cost ceiling for medical care and medicine (högkostnadsskyddet).


Computer glasses

Computer glassesYou may undergo eye examinations and order computer glasses if needed.