Published: 15 May 2018

Information about salary, insurance and pension

Individual salary

As one of several instruments, the salary structure contributes to the University reaching its goals and promotes the opportunity to recruit, develop and retain staff. The salary policy shall stimulate good working results and a good work environment.

The salaries shall be individually-based and differentiated. The salary setting shall be based on differences in responsibility, the tasks’ level of difficulty, and the staff’s skills and results related to the organisational goals.

Salary for doctoral students

There is no individual salary setting for doctoral students; they are paid in accordance with the doctoral students’ salary scale.


We want you to be well protected during your working hours and as an employee you are covered by several different insurances.

  • Insurance cover when travelling - During your official journey, you are covered by Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet).
  • Government Service Group Life Insurance - Provides financial protection for the employee’s husband, wife, registered partner, cohabitee and children.
  • Occupational injury insurance - Covers injuries or illness due to accidents at work or otherwise caused by work.


We want you to have a good life when you retire from the University, in the same way that we care about you during your working life. Below are some examples of benefits connected to you pension.

Occupational pension
The occupational pension serves in practice as a secondary, postponed salary in order for you to receive more than the national pension when you retire.

Survivor’s pension
Pension paid to your family should you pass away.

Salary exchange
At the University, you may save for a higher pension, a method also known as salary exchange. This means that you, in a favourable way, save a part of your gross salary for your occupational pension. You thus complement the occupational pension that your employer already pays.

Disability pension
In case you fall ill with a permanent reduction of your working capacity and receives a special remuneration from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, Luleå University of Technology has a salary-supplementary agreement with the National Government Employee Pensions Board (SPV), to support your situation.

The Job Security Foundation

We want you to be well protected when your employment at the University is terminated.
If you have been worked at Luleå University of Technology for a period of at least two consecutive years and your employment is to be terminated, the Job Security Foundation offers the following:

  • Support in finding a new job
  • Financial support

Adherence and possible remuneration depend on the length and scope of the employment.