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Management model

Various laws and regulations regulate the university’s basic mission. The university's autonomy means a right to make independent decisions, and make priorities to create the best possible benefit for the university's recipients. In order for the management at different levels to be able to control, plan and follow up the activities, the university has an internal control model.

The concept of governance model frames the system of processes, documents and tools that are part of the control and management of the organisation; it describes how it is possible to decide on what is to be carried out. This document provides a description of the university's governance model on an overall level. It does not regulate in detail how the university's various decision-making and preparatory bodies work.

Detailed descriptions of the governance model could be found in a number of different documents; working and delegation procedures, policies, rules, guidelines and work routines. The university's internal governance model refers to a number of primary documents, although not described in detail. All governance documents referenced in the document will be found on the internal web under the tab Control / Control documents