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The years 1971 - 1979

Published: 5 July 2019

During the 70s, the university is established , the origin of the technical base year is started and the first civil engineers graduate.

1979 - 1980

  • Torbjörn Hedberg is elected Vice-Chancellor
  • Environmental Planning and Design and Higher Technical Vocational Education are made general study programmes
  • Two more professorships are established

1978 - 1979

  • A two-year Drama Education programme begins. The programme is given only once
  • The Music Education programme is formally incorporated in Luleå University College, giving Norrland its first and, thus far, only School of Music
  • Serious problems recruiting students to the engineering programmes. Only 133 applicants are accepted for the 285 places available. Many of the foreign applicants do not have the necessary qualifications in the natural sciences
  • The Centre Building is officially opened
  • The Division of Materials Processing begins using Scandinavia’s largest high-power laser
  • Another professorship is established

1977 - 1978

  • The new Higher Education Act and Ordinance come into effect
  • The MSc programme in Environmental Planning and Design is established
  • The SE group is superseded by Qualification Studies in Engineering
  • The MEd programme in Music at Öjebyn according to the SÄMUS model is incorporated into Luleå University College
  • The Faculty of Engineering is established. Kurt Boström is appointed Dean
  • The School of Education and the Preschool Teachers' Training College are incorporated into the University, which thus acquires four new programmes: Recreation and Leisure Education, Preschool Teacher Education, and Compulsory School Teacher Education for Years 1-3 and Years 4-6
  • SYDUT (Systematised, Decentralised Education) comes to an end and the University acquires a Business Administration and Economics and a Secretarial Programme and a number of single subject courses
  • Three more professorships are established

1976 - 1977

  • Higher Technical Vocational Education begins in Skellefteå
  • The first two-year engineering programme is established
  • Lars Nordström is elected the University’s first Vice-Chancellor
  • Göran Rehbinder is the first post-graduate to defend a doctoral thesis at the University with a thesis entitled "Erosion of Rock with a Water Jet"
  • Three more professorships are established

1975 - 1976

  • The first graduates in Geotechnology receive their degrees
  • Higher Technical Vocational Education begins in Luleå
  • Three more professorships are established

1974 - 1975

  • The first engineering graduates receive their degrees
  • The Students' Union building opens in the “Shopping” mall in Luleå city centre
  • The College’s first professors are installed at a ceremony in Gammelstad Church
  • Another new professorship is established

1973 - 1974

  • The University establishes the forerunner of Qualification Studies in Engineering, the SE Group, that will enable people with a leaving certificate in social studies or economics from upper secondary school to apply for the MSc programme in Mechanical Engineering
  • The first research equipment is put into service
  • A research board is established
  • Six more professorships are established
  • Arne Jones’ sculpture "Human Structure" placed in position close to where the House of Technology stands today, a year later than planned

1972 - 1973

  • The MSc programme in Geotechnology begins
  • Carl-Göran Nilsson is appointed Professor of Machine Design. He is Luleå University College’s first professor
  • Three more professorships are established

1971 - 1972

  • Luleå University College is established on 1st of July 1971
  • Rune Andersson, Principal Secretary of the Organisation Committee, becomes the new University College’s first employee. The University College is officially inaugurated on 1st of September
  • The MSc programme in Mechanical Engineering gets under way with 50 students in the newly-built D-building
  • The Engineering Students’ Union is formed
  • The University College’s first three professorships are established