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The years 1990 - 1999

Published: 9 July 2019

Luleå University College becomes Luleå University of Technology, the first university of technology in Sweden.


  • Aula Aurora, the University’s new concert hall, is inaugurated in February
  • The University Library wins the Swedish Librarians’ Association’s competition to find the best university library web-site of 1999
  • The College of Health Science in Boden is incorporated as the University’s 15th department on 1 October 1999. Its new name is the Department of Health Science
  • With the incorporation of the College of Health Science, the University now has over 10,000 students


  • The BEd programme for Upper Secondary School teachers begins
  • The University receives a government grant of 30 million SEK to establish Luleå Growth Academy
  • Ulla Westermark, Professor of Wood Material Science, becomes the University’s first woman professor
  • ‘The House of the Pedagogues’ is inaugurated
  • The Growth Academy at the University is established


  • Luleå University College becomes Luleå University of Technology, Sweden’s first University of Technology.
  • A new MSc programme in Space Science begins.
  • A BSc programme in Hydropower Engineering begins in Jokkmokk.
  • A Faculty of Arts and Sciences is established. Professor Gunnar Persson is elected Dean.
  • Four researchers attached to the University (Svante Carlsson, Andrej Brodnik, Mikael Degermark and Stephen Pink) present "The Lulea Algorithm", an invention that attracts great interest in the global Internet industry.

1995 - 1996

  • The University celebrates its 25th anniversary
  • "The University of Culture", a series of popular science lectures for the general public, is established
  • The Graduate School for Women is established
  • The Spatial Modelling Centre is established
  • The School of Music in Piteå expands
  • The Theatre Academy of Luleå is inaugurated
  • A degree programme in International Business Administration and Economics begins
  • Computer Science is offered for the first time as an admission option for women
  • A new diploma course in media pedagogy begins in Piteå
  • The University wins the Innovation Cup again

1994 - 1995

  • A new mission statement with long-range objectives is drawn up
  • A new teacher’s training program for Compulsory School Forms 4-9 begins
  • Nutek’s first Competence Centre, the Polhem Laboratory for Integrated Product Development, is inaugurated at the University
  • The University’s second Competence Centre, Mimer, (Minerals and Metals Recycling Research Centre), is inaugurated
  • CDT (Centre for Distance-Spanning Technology) begins as a joint project in which the University will participate
  • Sweden's largest computer network for students is inaugurated at the University

1993 - 1994

  • The University’s Medal of Service is awarded for the first time. Former company-owner, Caesar Wiberg, is the recipient
  • The study programmes are superseded by new programmes that offer students more freedom to choose their courses
  • Ingegerd Palmér succeeds Torbjörn Hedberg as University Vice-Chancellor
  • The International MSc programme in Materials Science and Engineering begins for the first time
  • The University establishes Sweden’s first professorship in Gender and Technology
  • The University’s new library is inaugurated
  • The School of Music scores a big hit with their "Sgt. Pepper Live" concert
  • Summer University courses are offered for the first time

1992 - 1993

  • New MSc engineering programmes begin in Chemical Engineering and Engineering Physics
  • An education programme in pedagogics, teaching methods and teaching practice for teachers of Forms 4 to 9 of Compulsory School begins
  • A Social Sciences programme begins with specialisation in either economics or political science
  • The Alpha Building is completed
  • The Wiberg House is inaugurated, donated to the University by Caesar Wiberg

1991 - 1992

  • The University celebrates its 20th anniversary
  • Two new MSc engineering programmes begin: Electrical Power Engineering in Skellefteå and Chemical Engineering in Luleå
  • The University council approve the University’s first mission statement in the form of a strategic document
  • Nils-Erik Molin is elected Deputy vice-chancellor of the University
  • Eleven more professorships are established

1990 - 1991

  • Three new BSc engineering programmes are established: Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering in Kiruna, Mechanical Engineering in Luleå, and Structural Engineering in Skellefteå
  • The Institute for Computer Integrated Manufacturing is inaugurated
  • Two engineering students from the University, Stefan Björnfot and Mats Granqvist, win the national final of the Innovation Cup
  • The prestigious Swedish Construction and Design Exhibition’s “Designer’s Prize” is awarded to Kalevi Hyyppä, a researcher at the University
  • Lennart Elfgren is appointed Dean
  • When the University of Luleå celebrates its 20th anniversary, a total of five technology honorary doctors are appointed in 1991, educational consultant Bengt Andersson, Head of Technology House Ann-Marie Israelsson, Director Martin Lundberg, Professor Markku Mannerkoski and Director Björn Wahlström