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Disciplinary matters

Published: 3 April 2017

Here you will find information and guidance on how disciplinary matters are handled.

According to the Higher Education Ordinance 10: 1, disciplinary measures may be taken against students who

  • with unauthorized aids or otherwise tries to mislead during exams or when a study achievement is otherwise to be assessed
  • disrupts or impedes teaching, examinations or other activities within the framework of education at the university,
  • disrupts the activities at the university's library or other special institution within the university,
  • exposes another student or an employee at the university to such harassment or sexual harassment as referred to in ch. Section 4 of the Discrimination Act (2008: 567)



The disciplinary report must be sent to . The student's student email ( must be used. Only one report per email. Attached files may not be sent as a zip or other file format that places special demands on loading.


Administrator of disciplinary matters
Monica Olofsson
Ann-Caroline Henriksson

General questions are sent to