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Academic ceremony and stricter corona guidelines

Published: 13 November 2020

The spread of infection in the counties where the University operates has increased sharply in recent weeks. Both Norrbotten and Västerbotten have been given stricter restrictions, and we must all take our responsibility and follow current guidelines and recommendations.

The University is open to employees and students, but we strongly urge everyone to obey guidelines on keeping a physical distance. Most important of all, of course, is to stay home at the slightest symptom of illness. We all need to take our responsibility to be able to break the trend and push back the infection once again.
The University regularly publishes information at - stay updated and follow the advice there.

This week we would have celebrated Academic Ceremony. It is the University's most important holiday, where we shed light on research results and academic progress. It is very sad that we can not gather as usual, but this year there is simply no alternative. Postponing the ceremony is a small sacrifice in light of how many people are severely affected by the pandemic in various ways.

Digital lectures

As Vice-Chancellor, I am very proud to lead a business that, despite the changed conditions, works and moves us forward. We can continuously digitally take part in fantastic installation lectures with our new professors. Earlier this week, we were also able, in a safe way, to carry out a web-based version of our traditional award ceremony, where employees who in various ways promoted knowledge development and education were honored, and prominent students received scholarships.

Our new Almuni of the year, Helena Hed and Meleknur Alevcan, received their awards via a similar arrangement. We have also received a lot of attention for the appointment of our new honorary doctors Charlotte Kalla, Jessica Meir and Dean A Shepherd, who sent their greetings via film because they can not be in place this year.

The students' graduation ceremony is also held at a distance. I would like to thank the student unions for the fine and responsible work they carried out during the autumn, from the welcome period and the start of studies to the graduation preparations.

Find new routines

In these times, it is extra important that we take care of each other and take notice of how colleagues or fellow students feel. Dare to signal to your nearest manager if you perceive that someone is not ok.
Feel free to try to find new routines not only for work meetings, but also for socializing in a corona-safe way. Check in at a digital coffee meeting together or meet outdoors for a joint walk.

Take care of yourselves!

Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn, Vice-Chancellor of Luleå University of Technology.


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