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A grand week!

Published: 16 November 2021

The academic week is always the highlight of the year.
We were able to carry out the first major event as part of our 50th celebration – the anniversary concert. The joy of being able to meet again has been evident at all events, which have really exceeded all expectations.

It was almost full in the House of Science last Wednesday when Pro Vice-Chancellor Cathrine Norberg and I had the honor of handing out diplomas and flowers to employees who over the past year in various ways promoted knowledge development, pedagogy and education.
We also got to pay tribute to our newly appointed distinguished and qualified university teachers, as well as to the recipients of the University's pedagogical prize, and to congratulate the students who have been awarded scholarships from the Rune and Märta Ström Foundation and the recipients of the new award for development initiatives within Professional Services.

On Thursday, it was time to pay attention to a number of inspiring role models. At an award ceremony in Kulturens hus we celebrated our anniversary alumni (engineer Shilpi Sinha, actor Amanda Jansson and IT pioneer Maria Häll) and this year's innovators at Luleå University of Technology  (Jesper Martinsson and Wille Törnman in the researcher category and Moa Johansson, Ellinor Emilsson and Adrian Mellgren in the student category) .

"We have world-class musicians"

Immediately after, a real highlight awaited in our 50th anniversary celebration: the Anniversary Concert. What if everyone could celebrate their 50th birthday this way?! We have world-class musicians in our own teachers, students and alumni. The evening offered everything from the premiere of a work produced as a tribute to the university's first 50 years to a real-time digital organ concert, with control data sent from three different locations in three different countries. Over 100 musicians participated in this unique and wonderful concert.

On Friday, our six new honorary doctors for 2020 and 2021 gave their lectures. Charlotte Kalla (who participated digitally), Dean Shepherd, Jessica Meir, Sofia Jannok, Anders Sundström and Sara Arnia shared their thoughts and experiences insightfully and generously. I look forward to exciting collaborations with them and I am convinced that together we can create value in a variety of areas.

During the week we have also had the pleasure of listening to our new professors' installation lectures, which are always interesting. It is fascinating and magnificent to hear how our research makes a difference in so many different areas.

"Crescendo of the week"

Saturday's academic ceremony was really the crescendo of the week. The corona pandemic has resulted in that we, for the first time in our history, conduct two academic ceremonies in order to limit the number of guests. At the celebration last Saturday, we installed our new professors and welcomed our new honorary doctors to our university. We also paid tribute to successful people who in various ways have contributed to strengthening our university. The doctoral degree conferment ceremony will be completed in May 2022.

For the first time, the celebration was also held in Kulturens hus, followed by a banquet in Luleå Energi arena. Something that we will most likely do in the coming years, until our new house in the Delta Quarter is ready. But the setting for both the feast and the banquet could not have been more beautiful.

A big thank you to everyone who in various ways contributed to making our academic holiday week so magnificent and magical.

Best regards,

Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn, Vice-Chancellor of Luleå University of Technology

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