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Congratulations to all of us!

Published: 1 January 2021

Happy New Year and a big congratulations to all of us on our 50th birthday! 2021 is the year when we begin our anniversary celebrations.

We started with two employees and 50 students in 1971. Today we are a significant university with operations in four locations, 1,700 employees and over 15,000 students. Luleå University of Technology has made a strong contribution to the development and growth of the regions and the country, and this is something we should be very proud of. Our celebration will last not only for a year, but for a year and a half. The reason is of course that it is fun with festivities, and that we have so many significant historical occasions to celebrate – occasions that have taken us to where we are today.

Covid-19 has become part of both our history and future and has meant that several of the major social activities we have planned need to be postponed, while others are transformed into online gatherings and events. Therefore, our celebrations are based on the calendar year 2021 and on the academic year 2021/2022.

During the anniversary period, we will offer interesting seminars and lectures, a digital photo exhibition and art walk and hopefully later also an anniversary concert. Feel free to visit our 50th anniversary page where planned events and activities are continuously presented, and where everyone can take part in our history.

Look into the future

We will also look into the future and reflect on the next 50 years; what university we want to be and what the journey there looks like. Vision 2030 is our first step forward.

Our future areas SUN – Natural resources for sustainability transitions – and CREATERNITY have proven to be exactly right in time and the interest from industry and other external actors is great. The same applies to our investments in interdisciplinary artistic research and education, space, AI, teacher education and health.

In the research and innovation bill presented by the government at the end of December 2020, they highlight five societal challenges with underlying research programs and initiatives. Some of these are:

Climate and environment:

  • investment in space data for environmental and climate research
  • investment in the development of green and blue bio-based economies
  • innovations for business climate change

Health and welfare:

  • investments in primary care and geriatric research
  • investments in prevention and public health
  • new research program to combat mental illness


  • investment in the development and application of new digital technologies, including AI
  • investment in information and cyber security
  • a new national research program on how digitalisation affects society

Democratic and strong society:

  • special investments in safe societies and artistic research

Skills supply and working life:

  • graduate schools for teachers in teacher and nursing education
  • additional funding for practical research on the school
  • strengthening of working life research

I look forward to celebrating our anniversary year with all of you, employees and students.

Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn

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