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Have a nice summer!

Published: 30 June 2021

Time flies – this is the last working week for many of you before the vacation. I want to wish you all a nice summer and a long and relaxing holiday.

The declining spread of infection in large parts of Norrbotten and Västerbotten, together with the new guidelines from The Public Health Agency of Sweden, are positive both for the upcoming summer holiday but also for the start of the autumn semester. But as long as the requirement for physical distance applies, it affects our activities, especially teaching, and we will therefore gradually move to campus teaching and physical meetings. With an increased presence of students, staff also need to be on site to a greater degree.

Looking forward to meeting you

I am really looking forward to being able to meet you all physically in different meetings, in the corridor or for coffee during the autumn. All these small and unplanned chats are both pleasant and important. Chats about what someone did during the weekend, information from meetings they attended and feedback on previous discussions connect us closer to each other and simplify the dissemination of information.

At the same time, many Team Meetings have simplified the work, they have reduced travel and thus made it possible to meet at much shorter notice. The work that has already begun to take advantage of our lessons learned over the past 18 months will continue into the autumn. We have already adjusted certain guidelines and regulations based on these lessons. Who, for example, could have believed that online dissertations would work as well as they have done, that homework would be appreciated by so many employees and that large conferences with significant interaction between the participants would work remotely.

But now, as I said, it's time for vacation and to put the work aside for a few weeks. Have a great summer!

Regards Birgitta

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