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Photo: PIxabay

Christmas greetings from the Vice-Chancellor

Published: 19 December 2018

Once again we are approaching the end of a year – my first year as the Vice-chancellor of Luleå University of Technology.
I would like to thank you all for the work you have done during the year and for the support you have given me in my new role.
I am very happy and proud that I have the honor to lead my home university and I look forward to working with you all to realize our new vision for 2030.

To me, Vision 2030 embodies both our history and our future. The vision aims to strengthen and renew the University for the years to come. In order to succeed with this, we need to further clarifiy what we mean with innovative education, groundbreaking research results, a challenge driven university and cross-border education and research. We also need to elaborate evaluation criteria and visualization tools that enable all employees to easily follow the implementation of the vision and the overall goals.

In our future work, we also need to take into account and seek solutions to the societal challenges we face, such as climate and energy issues and digitization. As a university, we are also affected by the increased polarization in a number of areas, like globalism versus nationalism and open versus closed borders. We also see attacks on research and research results, as well as on media's role in society.

In many countries, both inside and outside the EU, we see a backlash against democratic values, equality and gender equality, sustainability and environmental consciousness, freedom of opinion and a press.

As a university, we have a big responsibility in these matters, but also good prerequisites for clearly making a difference. It requires that we all support and contribute to this work and to our Vision 2030. By 2019, we will therefore conduct a number of workshops at university level, faculty level and at our six departments about our vision and missions. 

I would like to thank you all again for the work you have done during the year. I wish you all happy holidays!