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Regnbågsallén at the University Photo: Tomas Bergman

On the vision and our premises

Published: 14 February 2019

We are facing an exciting but also challenging year. In 2019, we will work intensely to further clarify our vision by concretising core concepts such as innovative education and ground-breaking research results; challenge-driven university and interdisciplinary education and research.

We will also describe the distinguishing characteristics of these core concepts in order to create consensus in the organization and clarify what we should strive for. It is equally important to define criteria that make it possible to continuously and systematically evaluate whether our various strategic initiatives and other change processes give the results we expected and thus take us closer to our vision.

This work has already started and at the end of January our management team devoted two days to discussing the vision. On February 22, we have our big strategy meeting where managers and leaders for education, research and professional services gather to continue the work. During the year, there will also be workshops and meetings at university level, faculty level and departmental level, as well as student-initiated activities, to give all employees and students the opportunity to participate in the vision work and contribute with their unique knowledge and experiences. On this page you can follow the progress of the work related to our vision, overall goals and main strategies.

Find solutions

2019 will also be a strenuous year for many of us. The situation with our premises in Luleå has been further exacerbated. It is clear that the entire D-building must be evacuated and that there are problems in the F-building. This means that we all need to help to find solutions and be willing to compromise. Some employees have already worked in provisional premises for several years, while others have recently been informed that they must move.

We try to find solutions that minimize the negative consequences, keep colleagues from research subjects toghether and minimize the number of times employees have to move. We know that whatever we do, many of you will be disappointed and maybe even angry. I have an understanding of it and can only say that we will do everything in our power to handle the building and construction-related problems and mistakes that we now see the consequences of.

We have a continuous communication with the Ministry of Education and Research about our premises. Akademiska hus is keen to, together with us, find rapid and good solutions to the situation in both the short and long term. We have a new pavilion in place already and in the autumn another pavilion will be ready for occupancy. Parallel to this, Akademiska hus is working on the experimental city and with the plans for a completely new building. On this page we continuously inform what is happening and what is planned.

Open and honest communication

During the spring, we can look forward to the university's outdoor projects in Luleå that Akademiska hus finances with SEK 50 million and which has already begun. Now we can enjoy various lighting installations by the B-building and in the spring, when the sun is warm, students and employees can enjoy sitting in our Spanish wooden steps by the E-building. But the big projects to create an attractive entrance to the university have not yet begun.

I hope that 2019 will be a year characterized by open and honest communication and trust and respect for each other. If we succeed in this, we will review the year with a focus on the vision work and with confidence that the premises situation will be better in 2020. This means that we can start looking ahead with new vision, new premises and an outdoor environment that we can be proud of.