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Photo: Mostphotos, Maria Groth

Summer greeting from the Vice-Chancellor

Published: 27 June 2019

Midsummer is behind us and June is nearing its end. This means that the holiday is imminent for most of us and that some have already begun their leave.

I will start my vacation, after the yerly Almedalen week. It is a fun and eventful week with many meetings, impressions and new contacts.

In addition to our own and the region's seminars, I will, among other things, participate in two of IVA's seminars linked to Tekniksprånget and to the universities' governance, Swedbank's future dinner and Google's seminar focusing on lifelong learning. I also have a meeting with Kerstin Lindberg Göransson, CEO of Akademiska hus. We have decided to meet every two months to quickly solve problems that arise and keep each other updated on what is happening.

After Almedalen I look forward to a nice holiday with family and friends, sun and bath, gardening, day trips with the kayak and some good books. A book that I have been recommended and looking forward to reading is called "Why we sleep" by Matthew Walker.

I hope you also take advantage of the holiday; relaxing and enjoying the summer. Both you and I need that to be ready for the autumn activities and all planned and unplanned events that come our way.

I wish you all a really nice summer.



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