Professional Services

The Professional Services is organized under joint management. The Professional Services is available both centrally located and at the departments.

To improve the efficiency and quality assurance Professional Services will gradually approach processoriented.

Professional Services missions are

  • to ensure proper management in the long term, driven by education, research and management needs and demands from external authorities and organizations
  • to initiate and run development work in the administrative processes
  • to communicate the universitys overall approach and policies
  • to support and prepare matters for the Board of the University, faculty boards, heads of departments and other decision makers within the university
  • to maintain the authority exercising mandates
  • to provide service to students, teachers and other staff

The Professional Services is led by Staffan Sarbäck, head of Professional Services.

Head of Professional Services

Staffan Sarbäck

Staffan Sarbäck, University Director

Phone: +46 (0)920 491607
Organization: VSS-LDN, Professional Support