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They received the University Awards 2022

Published: 9 November 2022

During an award ceremony on November 10, Luleå University of Technology recognized those who in various ways during the past year promoted knowledge development and education.

The award ceremony at Vetenskapen hus is part of the Academic Ceremony week. This years recipients of the university's pedagogical award, the distinguished and recognized university teacher awards, and the award for development efforts within professional services were presented and handed diplomas and flowers by Pro Vice-Chancellor Cathrine Norberg.

”Our teachers are a very important group. They shape not only the future, but the future of the future through different generations of students. I am proud and happy that the university has so many competent and committed teachers,” said Cathrine Norberg.

Many of the laureates were happy and also moved by beeing recognized. The award for development efforts within professional services draws attention to staff who otherwise work in the background.

“In order for the university to function, the work from support staff is also needed. Those who work with professional services often goes unnoticed when everything runs smoothly. That's why we want to recognize this work as well,” said Cathrine Norberg.

Region Norrbotten awarded a scholarship in memory of Elisabeth Holmgren to importand research and Swedbank awarded scholarships from Rune and Märta Ström's foundation to students.

2022 year's laureates at Luleå University of Technology's award ceremony: