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Alumnus of the brains behind the new SAS interior design

Published: 6 February 2015

Kristine Mayer studied civil engineering technical design at Luleå University during the years 2001-2006. Today she works as Productdesign Director at SAS. Her latest project was the new interior design of the airline's long-haul fleet.

How will the new design of SAS long-haul fleet look like?

- We have seen over every inch of the plane and made every effort to optimize the personal space for each passenger. We have new chairs in all the cabins where we worked to find clever storage solutions on all chairs. All seats in Business has direct access to the aisle and can be folded out to full bed rest.

We have worked with a tranquil base in gray with blue accent colors that connects the expression of our land environments. It is important to create a clear "blue thread" throughout the travel chain and focus on customer needs.

What inspired your work with the new interior design?

- When we worked with the new cabins, we have been inspired by creating a hotel feel, find the element that plays with the idea. We have worked to create different "rooms" with a high quality feel in all cabins but with greater comfort and detail of our plus and business cabins

What is the best thing about your job?

- The width, there are an incredible number of different design elements that I work with on a daily basis with all that it means to create a completely new cabin, the development of new fabrics and materials that line the walls and floor. But also the design of new chairs, discussion with suppliers regarding design solutions to meet the design requirements we have. I am also responsible for the overall design of the entire travel chain, which means that I am responsible for design expression in our lounges where we just recently released our new lounge concept Café Lounge.

When you look back on your education, what was the most important thing you learned?

- Problem solving and thinking outside the "box". Understanding of both construction and design.

How did you experience your time at Luleå University of Technology?

- Fun and informative, good education and many fine new friends, many with an interest in skiing which is one of my biggest interests.

Do you have any tips for those who are looking to read a civil engineer engineering design?

- Do it!