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Many applicants to Luleå University of Technology.Foto; Karl William Sandstrom

Another year with many applications

Published: 16 April 2015

Also this year, it is a high number of applications to Luleå University of Technology for the fall semester. The number of first choice applicants to programs at the university has increased compared to 2014. Teacher education excels in this year's application and increases sharply. Although engineering programs increase over last year, for example, road and water and Computer Engineering

Vice Rector Erik Hoglund
Vice Rector Erik Hoglund at Luleå University of Technology. Photos Thomas Bergman

- I think we can feel very satisfied and are now looking to the high quality of our programs also increase our popularity. That along with a broad focus on student recruitment has once again made a positive result, says Erik Höglund, Pro Vice-Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology.

In this year's application  teacher education is clearly distinguished, especially the teachers grade 1-3 and 4-6. The percentage of first-time applicants to teacher education programs has increased this year by more than 23.5%. For undergraduate teachers grades 1-3 involves an increase of 185 percentage points compared with 2014.

- Many people who previously could not seek to teacher education have with our distance learning been given that opportunity. It has also opened for people who are location-based to study with us, whether they live in Norrbotten, other parts of the country or abroad, says Erik Höglund.

Even MSc programs has increased over last year with a total of just over 8.5%, and social scientists/behavioral scientist with over 9.5%. In engineering programs, has for example computer technology  increased by almost 42%, mechanical engineering with over 35% and road and water by over 55%. Bachelor economy has increased by almost 33% compared with 2014. In the area of ​​Health Sciences has occupational Therapist increased by 20% compared with the year before.

In the field of music, media and theater education is increasing in pitch based music creation, Boomtown and acting training, while other courses in the area decreases.