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Luleå University of Technology representatives, together with the Chancellor of the University of Nebraska Omaha. Dan Harnesk, Associate Professor of Information Systems, far left, Karin Axelsson-Grafström, International Liaison Officer at LTU, Chancellor John Christensen, and Tero Päivärinta, Professor of Information Systems.

Agreement provides research collaborations

Published: 3 November 2015

Luleå University of Technology has signed an agreement with the University of Nebraska Omaha. The partnership includes both student and staff exchanges and will hopefully result in joint research initiatives.

A delegation from Luleå University of Technology recently visited the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO). On that visit, representatives from the research group in Information Systems, participated.

– Research on Information Security, which they call Information Assurance, is perhaps the strongest area in which we can co-operate to develop education on secure infrastructures, says Tero Päivärinta, professor and chairholder of Information Systems.

– Another discussion we had concerns research on long-term digital preservation of information. Possibly we could complete their research portfolio, especially in connection to e-government research initiatives.

Student exchange has already started

Both UNO and Luleå University of Technology have strong focus on industry cooperation and they create impact on their region's industries. A fact that Tero Päivärinta believes will contribute positively to the universities' collaboration opportunities.

– Our profiles match each other well and we share a similar research culture. It will benefit us when we, in the longer term, are seeking funding for joint projects.

Student exchanges between the two universities have already begun and plans for staff exchange is taking shape. Karin Axelsson-Grafström, International Liaison Officer at Luleå University of Technology, is also satisfied with the agreement.

– The agreement is very valuable for us since our students are keen to study in the USA. Also, UNO is fully in line with our range of programs. The agreement is comprehensive, which means that all students can benefit from this, says Karin Axelsson-Grafström.


Tero Päivärinta

Tero Päivärinta, Professor

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