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The Bergforsk Days 2015

Published: 8 June 2015

On 2-3 June the Bergforsk Days 2015 was held with the theme; "Research and development environment in world class". How do we strengthen the research and innovation environment in mining and minerals in Sweden? The opening speaker was Jan Moström, Boliden and chairman of the The Bergforsk Foundation, and also the new CEO of LKAB after Lars-Eric Aaro.

Despite the last days of turbulence in the media regarding the change of CEO of LKAB, this was nothing that was discussed at The Bergforsk Days in the House of Culture, Lulea. Instead the focus was strictly on the research programmes where academia and industry cooperate nationally and internationally.

Maria Magdalena Holmgren, Interim Manager, EIT RawMaterials Northern Co-Location Centre, spoke about the work that lies behind that Luleå is now a node EU initiative EIT Raw Materials, EU's biggest ever investment in innovation in the commodities sector.

–  The initiative focuses on the commercialization of products and services to a global market. The Northern Co-Location Centre in Luleå, with excellence in primary commodities and implementation of ICT, based on a strong ecosystem with huge international potential, said Maria Magdalena Holmgren.

Luleå University of Technology´s Vice-Chancellor Johan Sterte spoke about the importance of good cooperation with both industry and other universities in the same niches.

–  Our cold climate, long distances and supply of raw materials gives us a geographical advantage when it comes to, for example, research on transport in the cold climates, distancespanning technology or mining research, said John Sterte.

Peter Bryntesson, senior advisor FKG - Fordonskomponentgruppen, is the trade association of the Scandinavian suppliers to the automotive industry with over 370 member companies. Peter Bryntesson talked of how they are working to create strong research and innovation environments.

Anna Utsi, Swerea MEFOS, has previously worked in Brussels for the European steel industry, at Jernkontoret and North Sweden. Now she is responsible for strategic business development at Swerea MEFOS. The title of her speech was; From raw material to metal - research and innovation for social and industrial benefits.

During day two, more detailed reviews were given on the research projects funded by Vinnova's National Strategic Innovation Programme for mining and metal extraction, SIP STRIM.

Those who received scholarships during The Bergforsk days in 2015 were: Tommy Karlkvist, Lucile Villain and Elin Tranvik.