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The Bergforsk Awards 2013

Published: 8 June 2015

Those who received scholarships for the best licentiate thesis, doctoral thesis and thesis during The Bergforsk Days 2015 were: Tommy Karlkvist, Lucile Villain and Elin Tranvik.

Best licentiate thesis - Tommy Karlkvist, a PhD student in Mineral Processing

2014 got Tommy received the "Young Author Award" at the International Mineral Processing Congress in 2014 in Santiago de Chile. International Mineral Processing Congress takes place every two years with the world's leading researchers in mineral technology. This year's congress, IMPC 2014 took place in Chile. The congress brought together more than 1000 delegates and it held more than 500 lectures on everything from crushing and grinding to various separation processes.

The jurys motivation: Tommy Karlkvist presents in his licentiate thesis studies of how the designed flotation reagents can be used to find conditions for improved flotationsselektivitet between calcium minerals. Collectors of dikarboxylsyratyp with varying distances between the groups is compared with a traditional monokarboxylsyrareagens. A specific reagent with an extra hydrocarbon group between the carboxylic acid gives a much improved selectivity compared to hitherto used flotation reagents.

The practical result indicates that the flotation reagents designed to fit to different mineral surfaces can be a way to get significantly improved selectivity between apatite and calcite.

Lucile Villain, PhD in Applied Geology

Best doctoral thesis - PhD Lucile Villain

Lucile has her roots in France but is a doctoral student at Luleå University of Technology. Summer holiday or vacation is not to talk about. Instead, she works intensively with his research on metal pollution from abandoned mines, sometimes at universities and sometimes in the field where she retrieves water samples. Lucile is now working at Tyréns in Gällivare.

The jurys motivation: Lucile has written a doctoral thesis with the title: Reclamation of acid-generating waste rock by in-pit backfilling and sealing - An Evaluation of the Kimheden mine site, northern Sweden.

The mining industry's perhaps the biggest environmental issue is the appearance of acidic, metal-rich leachate of mining waste containing iron sulphides. Lucile has studied why the backfill of reactive waste rock in the open pit in Kimhedengruvan with subsequent soil cover did not lead to satisfactory results. She proposes improved methods that can be used in similar places in the future. With a distinctly multidisciplinary approach she has in a creative and methodical way combined geological, geochemical, hydrological, geophysical and geotechnical methods in their research.

Elin Tranvik, a former student of Master Programme in Sustainable Process Engineering.

Best thesis - Alumni Elin Sund, Lundin Mining

–  Before I began studying on The Master Programme in Sustainable Process Engineering, and also during my studies, I had difficult to imagine what I would be working with in the future. What kind of job could I get, it would be hard to get a job? It is impossible to learn everything you need to know in five years, but during my first few months as a metallurgist, I have realized that the basis LTU gave me enough very far, and together with the engineering mindset, helpful colleagues and some social skills that would be enough the whole way, says Elin.

The jurys motivation: Elin Tranvik shows in hes thesis that the monazite can be floated with good selectivity in a surprisingly narrow pH range of oleate-based collectors. This is new and has attracted much attention. The practical benefits of the thesis is that it offers a way to clean a former zirkonavfall from a radioactive minerals (monazite) and thereby create conditions for a marketable product.

Elin's very systematic and well-executed thesis is excellent publicity for the university and its programs.