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Elin Sjöberg and Cornelia Lantto blogs together

Blog with environmental thinking

Published: 27 March 2015

Cornelia and Elin are also both interested in skiing and met a ski trip to Russia last winter. Elin Sjöberg study the first year and Cornelia Lantto the third year on The Master Programme in Sustainable Process Engineering. Now they write a blog together about their experiences of studying life at Luleå University of Technology.

What is the most fun in Your Programme?

–  Throughout the program there is an environmental and sustainability mindset. Another thing that is funny is that we have practical lab classes. It gives us a completely understanding of what it is we learn, says Cornelia.

What do You think of the city of Luleå?

–  I like Luleå, it's very nice town with shopping, cozy cafés. restaurants and nightclubs, says Elin.

–  On Porsön where the University is located we have a great gym, shops, a nightclub and lots of friends. The actual city center is just ten minutes away with buses running all the time. A winter with lots of snow and ice skating and a summer booming with outdoor cafes and tour boats to the archipelago, says Cornelia.

What are you doing in ten years?

–  In 10 years I hope that I have found my dream job and work abroad, says Elin.

–  One possibility is that I work in an industry with process development, another that I work with production of renewable fuels, says Cornelia.

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