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Catrine Kostenius, the Swedish Editor, Project Manager and Associate Professor of Health Science at Luleå University of Technology. Photographer: Erica Lång Photo: Erica Lång

Book to promote school children's health

Published: 15 April 2015

The project ArticChildren InNet has resulted in a free downloadable book that will spread good examples of how participation and information and communication technologies (ICT) can be used to improve school children's health. The book is produced together with schoolchildren, teachers and researchers from Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia.

– ArctiChildren InNet is a research and development project focusing on health promotion together with children and youth in the Barents region. We are very proud of the cooperation and the book is hot of the press, says Catrine Kostenius, the Swedish Editor, Project Manager and Associate Professor of Health Science.

A thousand students from four countries

In the ArticChildren InNet project, children and youth from schools in the Barents region have offered suggestions; participated in the implementation of interventions and evaluated the activities, which included empowerment and ICT tools to promote health in schoolchildren. Researchers, teachers, and school health care staff participated in the three-year project with over a thousand students aged 10-15 from the four countries. The book share these participants' experiences, suggestions and best practices.

Wish to be widely spread and used

The book is written for all professionals who meet children and youth in their work or during leisure time. School health care staff, teachers, voluntary sport coaches and parents may find it helpful to read about good examples of health promotion.

– Our wish is that the book will be widely spread and used in all schools in the Barents region and also in other organizations as well as by individuals who are interested in health promotion with children and youth, says Catrine Kostenius.

Excerpt from the Preface:
”What can I do when my pupils play with their mobile phones during class? How can I make them stop and concentrate on the subject at hand?” The answer can be easy: Stop trying to make them quit and instead start utilizing these new equipment and online channels in your teaching. Maybe your pupils learn better if they can use the ways they are familiar with since they were born. And even better, as they are learning they can also teach you.”

Swedish authors:
Department of Health Sciences:
Catrine Kostenius, Associate Professor
Anna-Karin Lindqvist, PhD student
Ulrica Lögdberg, PhD student

Department of Arts, Communication and Education:
Krister Hertting, Associate Professor
Ulrika Bergmark, Associate Professor
Monica Grape, PhD student
Lena Nyström, Lecturer

Carina Törfalk, teacher at one of the schools who participated in ArctiChildren InNet project.


Catrine Kostenius

Catrine Kostenius, Professor, of Health Science

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