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Signe Lindgren and Hanna Weinmar has developed a new methodology that creates more efficient meetings and decision-making.

They have the solution to effective meetings

Published: 13 March 2015

Two designers from Luleå University of Technology has developed a unique methodology tool that create effective meetings and decision-making processes. The Tärnaby-model as it is called, is also cheaper than the cost of the consulting firms that usually performs the task.

– The strongest advantages is that it requires very little prior knowledge of using our model and it still gives effective results, says Hanna Weinmar, who developed the product together with her colleague Signe Lindgren.

The idea was born during graduate thesis at the  Media Design program at Luleå University of Technology. Hanna Weinmar and Signe Lindgren shares a passion for community development in rural areas but were frustrated by the long decision-making processes. They wanted to develop a solution that raised the involvement of concerned citizens.

– After an enormous amount of research we tested the prototype in Tärnaby. It went very well and we quickly realized that we could transfer the concept to some fifty different working methodologies directed against different industries, says Signe Lindgren.

The Tärnaby-model can be described as a kind of card game that educationally explains a specific methodology that helps teams to develop new solutions. The methodology is framed in an informative manner with the help of design and layout.

– Usually the consulting firms do this on costly conference days and it requires an expert who facilitates the process. The advantage of this tool is that it removes the middleman and makes the expert tools available to more people, which in turn makes it a very interesting business idea, says business developer Johan Bergström at LTU Business AB.

The product are undergoing the final adjustments and product tests of the prototype - with the help of external experts engaged in the process.

– We have started a method agency and registered the trademark. We are aiming to launch the product within six months,says Signe Lindgren.