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One week with focus on minerals

Published: 3 August 2015

It was an intense week for the students in geosciences who visited Norrbotten and Luleå University of Technology in mid-May. Almost all countries in the Baltic region were represented when the network SGA Baltic Student Chapter visited Boliden, Råneå and the university campus in Luleå.

–  It is important that you as a student in geosciences see and meet real mining business, it gives a completely different perspective to the more academic and theoretical parts of the University studies, says Tobias Kampmann, PhD student in Ore Geology at Luleå University of Technology, who was one of those who arranged the gathering.

SGA, short for Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits, is a worldwide network of ore geologists. The members who gathered in Luleå were the Baltic Student Chapter within SGA. The visit was sponsored by Boliden, the Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering at Luleå University of Technology and SGA.

During the week, the group went to Boliden and Rönnskär to get an insight into Boliden’s company operations from field exploration to mining and extraction of metals in concentrators and smelters. Participants also had the opportunity to go on a 'mineral hunt' on a separate excursion to the forest surrounding Råneå, a well-known locality where it is possible to find and collect rare minerals like beryl, monazite or euxenite. The week was rounded off with expert lectures on gemstone geology and geometallurgy, as well as a guided tour through the process metallurgical lab at Luleå University of Technology. During various social events and parties in the evenings, all 34 participants had the opportunity to meet and mingle with new and old friends and exchange experiences from the studies in their various home countries.

–  Some of the participants came with their own car, so they were pretty heavily loaded with mineral samples on the journey home, says Tobias Kampmann​.

Tobias Kampmann

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