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Thesis at Monash University

Published: 9 March 2015

For the first time students from the MSc program architecture chosen to use the opportunity to do graduate work in Australia. Luleå University of Technology has agreements for cooperation with hundreds of universities around Europe and the world, including the USA, Canada, Australia, India, China, South Korea and Singapore.

Karin Jönsson-Loo, Rebecka Johansson and Lina Olofsson made contact with Professor Diego Ramirez at Monash University in Melbourne and it became a successful cooperation.

–  We met the research group in the start-up phase of the project "Rethinking Architecture and Urbanism in assisted living environments" and studied the available accommodations in different countries to find inspiration for his project. The project group's view was that Sweden is the leading country in the physical accessibility where people with physical disabilities have better opportunities to participate fully than their counterparts have in Australia. This sentiment aroused interest to examine the similarities and differences there are between Sweden and Australia when it comes to physical accessibility for persons with physical disabilities, says Karin Jönsson-Loo.

Melbourne, Australia. Photo: Karin Jönsson-Loo
Melbourne, Australia. Photo: Karin Jönsson-Loo

Karin and Rebekah's thesis is limited to persons with reduced mobility and public buildings. Within these boundaries, they have compared countries' laws and policies when it comes to physical accessibility for persons with reduced mobility. Lina Olofsson wrote her own thesis with focus on physical accessibility in homes.

The work is rooted in human equality and rights. All people, regardless of disability has the right to feel full participation in society. For this to be possible, society must be physically available.

–  To write the thesis at Monash University has been a very fun and exciting experience. We got on very well at university and got a good contact with the scientists in the research group. Since they were interested in Sweden's work on physical accessibility it was particularly pleasing to be able to assist with information and knowledge about Sweden. During our weekly meetings with the group, we could then make an exchange of knowledge which was enjoyable and instructive, says Karin Jönsson-Loo.

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