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Karolina Parding

Focus on teacher raises pupils' rating

Published: 6 May 2015

OECD gives the Swedish school system scathing criticism. Karolina Parding, Associate professor of Human Work Sciences at Luleå University of Technology, believes that creating good working conditions for teachers is the key to change.

– The discussions often revolve around how to improve the educational quality for students, instead of thinking the opposite - how can you make it great for those who teach? If better working conditions are created it will be easier for teachers to deliver, says Karolina Parding, researcher in working conditions.

Parallell to the streamlining of the public sector has the teachers’ administration, paradoxically, increased. More tasks are to be performed on the same or less time. Many leave the profession and high sick leave is a recurring problem.

In the dissertation Karolina Parding wrote in 2007, she studied a secondary school, and he could see that in the way the work was organized, it might have benefited the students, but not teachers to the same extent. She argues that schools need to provide structures that provide space for teachers' own learning.

– There is much research that shows that it is not particularly favourable to send employees on a course, because the organization remains unchanged. It is in the daily activities that the development needs to take place. Learning must be integrated in the regular work and for this to happen, it cannot compete with the many other tasks.

– The problems in the Swedish school system have been on the agenda for a long time. But now the question is if anyone is willing to do anything to change the conditions – for real, says Karolina Parding.


Karolina Parding

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