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Research in occupational rewarded with price

Published: 20 November 2015

Ulrica Lundström, researchers in occupational therapy at Luleå University of Technology, received Norrbotten Academy, NOAK's prize in health sciences. She received the prize for her work to develop knowledge about the people that live and grow old with a spinal cord injury and their opportunities for participation in everyday life.

– It's great fun and flattering. I was touched when I got the message over the phone, says Ulrika Lundström.

International distribution

Her research is important because increased knowledge about care and treatment mean that more people are living longer with their injury. In the current situation there is too little knowledge of how it is to grow old with spinal cord injury and how rehabilitation can meet their needs. The research has been widely distributed internationally in medical rehabilitation research.

During her PhD Ulrica Lundström also held the position of Chairman of the doctoral student section at Luleå University of Technology. The mission means that she also participate in the University Board and the management team at the Department of Health Sciences. She is now the chairman of the doctoral committee 2015-16 for the Swedish National Student Union and a member of its board.

Feel responsiblity for the individual

The price she might use to go on the conference organized by the International Spinal Cord Society, ISCOS, held in Austria in September 2016. There, she will present her last study on how participation change with age in areas including social support.
– Or I might use the prize to join a debate writing class. I feel a great responsibility to achieve change and improvement for the individual, says Ulrika Lundström.

Excerpts from the citation:

"Over the years as a PhD student, Ulrica has had a strong ambition and drive, which meant that she has developed as a researcher. She has also built an extensive national research network in spinal cord injury research and also collaborated with scientists internationally. This cooperation led to her receiving a post-doc in St. Louis, USA, to continue the initiated research collaboration. "

"Ulrica spreads a positive and creative atmosphere in those groups where she is included. All this together makes her a worthy candidate for NOAK's price within health sciences 2015. "