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Research on industrialized construction at Luleå University has high visibility

Published: 27 April 2015

In a recently published review presented in the Habitat International of published scientific contributions in industrialized construction and prefabrication, Luleå University of Technology is rated in 4th place in the world.

The review that classifies research on industrial construction indicates that areas that are covered by scientific studies are about opportunities for industry, efficiency measurements, development of the construction process and how the outside world and professional clients decide and understand industrial construction.

–  For nearly 15 years we in the Timber structures research group have entirely concentrated our needs-driven and industry-related research on the conditions for companies wishing to develop industrialized construction methods. Our idea is to integrate technology, processes and business to understand and analyze the concept of industrialized construction. Together with our colleagues in the Construction Management research group, we are of course proud to see that we head the reseach research in our field says Lars Stehn who is Chaired Professor Timber Structures

In the literature review, which surveyed the scientific literature presented between the years 2000-2013, the statistics show that the research that is produced and presented on the two research groups at Luleå University of Technology together with, inter alia, Loughborough University in the UK and Hong Kong Polytechnic University together account for a large part of knowledge construction and understanding of the concept of management of prefabricated construction, what we in Swedish call "industriellt byggande". Many of the issues of the future, listed as necessary are already being researched at the University.

–  The thoughts that I and my colleague Erika Hedgren introduced in 2012 on the importance to understand how professional decision-makers perceive and thereby initiating business with industrialized construction companies highlighted in the review. This is particularly interesting because within our group we have kept researching the issue since then says Susanne Engström, assistant senior lecutrer at Timber Structures.

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