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Informationday about geology

Published: 1 April 2015

Geology affects all of us in everyday life. Sand needed to concrete in our houses and metals are used to electronics. To increase interest in geosciences the university arranged an information day on metals, minerals and natural for high school students in Luleå.

Since the geosciences and related subjects not is studied in elementary school or high school is an expressed interest from various industry organizations such as the Swedish Geological Survey, SGU and Svemin to find other channels to increase interest in the field. Various activities take place among the universities where research and education in geosciences are conducted. Luleå University of Technology give this information day among other activitetes.

- This year we hold lectures and short workshops for students in Year 2. This is a fun and different elements of our everyday lives, and hopefully do students think this is an exciting area, says Glenn Bark, researchers from the Department of Geosciences and Environmental Engineering at the University .

The lectures given was "Just granite - or valuable minerals?", "A Journey to the Earth's interior", "How is the oxygen controlled in the atmosphere?" and "How do you find gold?". Mineral Determination was on the agenda of the practical exercises.

This was the 4th year of the Informationday about geology. From Luleå University participated Dr. Olof Martinsson, Prof. Johan Ingri, Dr. Glenn Bark, Dr. Tobias Bauer, Dr. Saman Tavakoli, Zimer Sarlus, Tobias Kampmann, Ellinor Johansson and Niklas Gunnarsson.

Glenn Bark

Bark, Glenn - Senior Lecturer

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