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High rankings in SMASK-finals

Published: 27 May 2015

This weekend the national final of SMASK was held in Malmö. The contributions from the School of Music at Luleå University of Technology "hockeyproffs" and "En brandman för dig" came in a creditable third and fifth place when the jury groups and audience votes was compiled. The winner was Malmö's contribution "Yatzy".

- Obviously, you always want to win but we feel satisfied with a shared third place. We did what we could and really gave it all, said Jonas Holmstrom artist and originator of Hockeyproffs who won the semi final in Piteå.

Worthy winners

In the finals 12 contributions from the six participating schools participated. After a first round five of the performers advance to the final round, And both contributions from Piteå. But once there Malmö's contribution Yahtzee turned out too strong.

- I think it was a worthy winner. It was a good song and an entertaining numbers but there were many strong contributions in the competition which had also been able to stand there as a winner, says Jonas Holmström.

Engage 200 students at the university

SMASK (Swedish music academics song kåntest) is held since 1991 by Sweden's six music colleges and engages annually nearly 200 students from all courses at Luleå University in Piteå. All the work is done voluntarily and outside of class. Jonas Holmström who participated in the competition three times acknowledge that it is time-consuming and exhausting periods, but it is after all worth it in the end.

- All hard work is offset by all the useful experiences from being involved in such a big production.

Hockeyproffs was performed by Jonas Holmstrom and Olov Domeij. En brandman för dig was performed by Emil Karen and Jens Thörnvall.

Photos: Andreas Gärdnert.