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Higher studies in health and health care

Published: 16 March 2015

Recently, it has been decided that the master's programs in Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy should be given in the fall of 2015. New this year is that an intake is allowed to the later part of the Master's in Nursing.

– We have planned an intake to Master of Occupational Therapy and Master of Physiotherapy for a while. They are popular programs providing in-depth training with greater competitiveness in recruitment, says Irene Vikman, programme director.

The programmes are assigned a total of 15 sites and the education conducts during four years of partial studies at a distance. Distance teaching is conducted individually and in study groups with the support of distance-spanning information and communication technology, ICT.

Apply to the final year

Nowadays there is the possibility to apply for the latter part of the program Master of Nursing.This means, applications can be made to the Master's program last year, which is read at half speed for two years. It requires that the applicant has a master's degree in nursing. The education is conducted from a distance with support of ICT. The autumn intake has a total of 12 seats.

– We have decided to give this opportunity to students who are interested in studies at an advanced level, such as those who have studied our specialist nursing programs, says program director Päivi Juuso.