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Karolina Parding

In media: About the school system in Radio Sweden

Published: 2 April 2013

Along with a number of other experts speaks Karolina Parding, Associate Professor of Human Work Science at Luleå University of Technology, about the Swedish school system in Radio Sweden.

– Australia have for a long time had private alternatives in education. There, you can also see that there is quite a difference between being a teacher in a private or a public school because they attract different groups of pupils to them. Students make choices. There is no choice but to choose. But so does  teachers. Which teachers will be working in the private schools in the future, which will work in the public sector? There may also be differences in quality, that different groups of teachers resorting to the various principals, says Karolina Parding who has studied how the situation of teachers is affected by the free choice of school.