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Idéacceleratorn liked their their fishy idea

Published: 29 October 2015

Students in the company Fish Joinville was named the winner at the conclusion of the entrepreneur program Idéacceleratorn at Luleå University. They hope to have a prototype ready in 2016 - today they launch their website.

- We are developing a social platform for fishing enthusiasts. A portion of the proceeds will then go back to the water and fish management. We want users to be involved in what we do and together we create better conditions for sustainable fisheries, says Oscar Pendse, co-founder of the Fish Joinville.

Fish Joinville consists of three students, Oscar Pendse, Therese Sundström and Henrik Norman all of which have large environmental and fisheries interests. They applied to Idéacceleratorn, an intensive entrepreneurial school that lasted for the summer 2015, where the group had the opportunity to examine their business, along with seven other projects. In late summer they were praised at the closing event for their trip during the summer.

- We started with an idea to collect all fishermen and do something. We have gone through many different guises this summer, but the core of a sustainable fishery has always been there. With more than two million Swedish fishermen today, we see great potential to make a difference, says Therese Sundström, co-founder of Fish Joinville.

- Fishjoins strength lay in their power to combine social commitment with sound business mind and that they worked very hard to validate the market's needs, says Johan Bergström from LTU Business AB, leader of Idéacceleratorn.

The idea stands out by combining professional fishermen organizations in the water and fish management and then turn to all fishing fans. The service will offer opportunities to find new fishing buddies and share your fishing knowledge while contributing to sustainable fisheries.

- We are creating an opportunity for fishermen to interact with each other in a whole new way. We have spoken with a large number of people that gave us support and the basis for our business concept, where we simultaneously been flexible and ever questioned it. We feel we have a solid foundation to stand on, says Therese Sundström, co-founder of the Fish Joinville.

Fish Joinville had early contact with including fishing and environmental profile Gunnar Westrin who supported the project. The founders of Fish Join now aiming to develop complete service in 2016 and currently looking for sponsors for the project.

- Idéacceleratorn gave us the opportunity to move forward, both financially and in terms of knowledge, says Oscar Pendse, co-founder of the Fish Joinville.

Today the group is launching its website on