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Innovation Victory became project employment

Published: 8 July 2015

The victory in the innovation factory gave contestants Christopher Enckell and Sebastian Malm a project employment at Luleå Energi AB. - It was a good idea but we needed more evidence to go on. I was courted by Sebastian and Christopher who wanted to develop the concept and we offered a project position to produce detailed documentation on their idea, says Patrik Andersson, head of power trading in Luleå Energi AB.

It was when Luleå Energi searched for inspiration and ideas to attract new customers in the target group of young adults to the company they contacted LTU Business. Together they arranged the innovation factory. The team 'Pisces' Christopher and Sebastian competed with and won when they presented a concept Luleå Energi really fell for.

- Our strategy is unique in the energy industry because it appeals to new customers through attractive knowledge dissemination. We got the project position to implement the approach and to anchor the strategy of the business, says Sebastian Malm.

The idea is to Luleå Energi AB will provide information on the industry as a whole without 'persuade' the customer to actively choose the company as their own electricity supplier. Christopher and Sebastian have presented the material to the various departments at Luleå Energi where it will be integrated at various levels.

- The response is very positive, the employees are eager to ask questions, and our idea has created discussion on how best to implement the strategy, says Christopher Enckell.

In addition to that, the two students with a mission to investigate a way to build long lasting relationships with customers - the marketing term a loyalty program.

- We had worked with its own idea to create some form of offerings to our existing customers as I thought the guys would be working with and see if they could develop a loyalty program to existing customers, says Patrik Andersson, head of power trading in Luleå Energi AB.