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Nya professorer
In conjunction with the Academic ceremony November 14, 16 new professors and 5 associate professors at Luleå University of Technology will be installed and welcomed, of which several are affiliated internationally. Fotocollage

International character of the new professors

Published: 5 November 2015

The research at Luleå University of Technology has a high international profile which is shown not least by the appointment of a number of new professors and visiting professors
in autumn 2015. China, Iran, India, Spain and Germany are examples of the origin of the new University professors. It creates conditions for an extensive international network of very important research topics.

Professor Ji Xiaoyan with origin in China makes research in one of the most urgent areas facing the world, namely to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. She considers that Sweden is in the forefront when it comes to research in energy and environmental technology. Within Co2 research she collaborates with other professors in the Nordic countries, Germany, the US, China and Australia. Her ambition is expanded research collaboration between Sweden and China to be able to come to a common international institute.

The conditions for possible life on Mars are the focus of Javier Martin-Torres from Spain who is a professor of atmospheric science. He includes in a team of researchers at the US space agency NASA who recently discovered secure traces of water on Mars, which is a prerequisite for life on the planet. From Luleå University of Technology campus in Kiruna, which he first thought was just a bit outside Stockholm, he thinks that there are extremely good opportunities for space research. His long-term plan is to make Luleå University of Technology to a European leader in the research on Mars.

Reza Emami, a professor of aerospace systems for fourteen years at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS), with undergraduate studies in Iran, was quite clear from early ages that it was space that he wanted to pursue. His research focuses on systems technology to control of the space vehicles and manipulators, sounding rockets and balloons, and exploratory rovers for examination on other planets. He was headhunted to the University's space research in Kiruna. Emami's long-term goal is to create a "Space Kiruna" which includes a complete service for small satellites.

Åsa Unander-Scharin professor of Music Performance at Luleå University of Technology carries an interdisciplinary view between art and technology. Through computer choreography, she has taken the usual choreography a step further by allowing robots embody the dance. What caught her interest, and that there were opportunities for at the University, is to investigate human movements by analyzing and simulating them in the robots mechanical movement. The plan is to have a robot with "pneumatic muscles" to move in a human way to the benefit of both artistic creation as for engineering and industry.

16 new professors were installed and 6 adjunct professors are welcomed at this year's academic celebration at Luleå University of Technology, Saturday, 14 November.

Learn more about each of the new professors and visiting professors.

Text: Leif Nyberg

Pictures: Tomas Bergman/ Private