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New mini student appartments

Published: 3 September 2015

If the rent is under 3 000 SEK many students think that it is quite okay during their stay at campus. During Wednesday the construction company Lindbäcks showed their new 16 square meter apartments, the first of its kind in Sweden adapting the new building regulations.

The apartments of 16 sqm actually feels both spacious and airy with large windows and smart solutions for bed and kitchen. Visiting students were very positive about what they saw.

–  The main difference in the new framework is that we not need to follow the requirement for disabled-friendly toilets. This is where we have saved a lot of sace, says Hans Lindbäck, CEO of Lindbäcks Estates.

Instead, it will build handicap toilets on every floor of this building project outside the university campus in Luleå. 291 apartments including 48 "minis" of 16 sqm will be ready for occupancy in the autumn in 2016.

In 2014 students in the course Development designed and buildt small student apartments and their solutions have been the basis and inspiration for the apartments that Lindbäcks Building today unveiled. Luleå University's hallmark is the close cooperation with business and industry, and this project is a good proof of this collusion.

Helena Lidelöw

Lidelöw, Helena - Associate Professor

Organisation: Construction Management and Building Technology , Industrialized and sustainable construction, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
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