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Course Final with autonomous cars

Published: 29 May 2015

Five teams, five autonomous vehicles and a track in a Formula 1 spirit. This year's final of the course in mechatronics was a thrilling showdown between Team Glenatronics and Team Hörs på måndag.

This year's course in mechatronics ended traditionally with The Annual Mechatronics Race. The starting point was radio-controlled cars re-built to become autonomous. As usual, the competition was to get around a track as fast as possible,

– We have re-built an ordinary RC car, explains Christoffer Carholt in team Linus and a student at the Master Programme in Space Engineering.

– The radio control is disconnected and replaced with microcontrollers, we have been combining electronics and programming.

Team Glenatronics won the race

That particular combination is what the course in mechatronics is about. And besides lectures and laboratories, the course ends with a project where the students use their knowledge and build a an autonomous mobile robot. The design includes optical sensors, analog and digital electronics, microcontrollers, control theory and programming.

The students of the winning team, Team Glenatronics, are Rubén Guirado, Javier Bautista, Kerr Mackintosh, David Wood, Eoghann macLachlainn, Mathieu Desire and Neil Gill. The winning time was 16.77 seconds.