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Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Researcher proposes system analysis of synthetic pitches

Published: 29 January 2015

Industrial PhD Simon Magnusson at Luleå University of Technology has a project proposal regarding system analysis of synthetic pitches for the Swedish Football Association.

–  The goal of the proposed study is to design a concrete and actionable data that could be used in connection with the planning and procurement of artificial turf fields. The study compares conventional type solutions and new climate and resource-friendly solutions for construction and operation, says Simon Magnusson.

Systems analysis, as Simon Magnusson works with in his research on better resource management and reduced toxins in the cycle, is used to provide a deeper understanding of large and small effects from a life cycle perspective where significant impact on costs, environment and health in the construction and operation of artificial turf fields identified .

It is planned to be built about 100 artificial pitches the next few years in Sweden.

More on artificial soccer fields at the link below: