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Luleå researchers lead EU project in wind power

Published: 7 April 2015

Professor Milan Veljkovic, Luleå University of Technology, is leading a major EU project with the objective of developing sustainable wind power adapted to EU countries' speciffic needs.

- This is a prestigious project that LTU has got the confidence to lead, says professor Milan Veljkovic.

In addition to leading the project and coordinating research teams from Germany, Britain, Italy and Spain, and companies with links to the wind industry, Luleå scientists will also develop new wind power structures. The base is the wind towers in high strength steel developed here in Luleå.

Extra-strong wind towers

Milan Veljkovic and his research group at Luleå University of Technology is internationally leading in the field of wind power research. Wind towers in high strength steel that are easy to assemble and disassemble, are durable and strong and can withstand extreme weather conditions, are Milan Veljkovic's expertise. The towers are 100 meters or higher and can cope with market's competitive demands by using innovative solutions.

Within the EU project AEOLUS4FUTURE,  approximately 3.8 million euro will be allocated to fund research and development activities and identify the potential for wind towers on-shore and off-shore. Moreover, the design of sustainable high efficiency wind power systems, cost-effective distribution of wind energy, and new high-strength wind power devices are in focus.

Industry demands for new skills

Today market demands innovations and new skills, in order to meet the EU's ambitions to increase production of renewable energy. To secure Europe's leading position in the world and reduce carbon emissions by using new technologies for production of renewable energy, is the long-term goal.

15 PhD students will be involved in the framework of AEOLUS4FUTURE. During their studies, the students will have a several months internship period within the industry. Company Internship in postgraduate education is a relatively new practice, which recently has been applied in Luleå and Sweden. AEOLUS4FUTURE project is financed by EU Marie Curie program.