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Brown egg and eggshell
Eggshells provides a tough challange for food waste disposers

Food waste grinders increasingly popular

Published: 7 October 2015

Food waste grinders installed in the sink that grinds down remains of meals has risen in popularity. While there is a widespread concern that the additional burden on municipal pipeline could eventually lead to the drain stops. Researchers at Luleå University of Technology investigated this potential problem in 2012.

The installation of food waste grinders in Swedish municipalities have been a controversial issue in recent years. Some emphasize a reduced amount of solid waste that must be transported on wheels and a greater extraction of biogas from sewage treatment plants, while critics on the other hand argue that the extra share of organic waste, for example, can create more deposits in the piping. With reference in particular to the latter argument against food waste disposers, most Swedish municipalities adopted a negative attitude to the mills and allow at present no switching for individual households.

–  Our study from 2012 highlights, among other things, that the mills are not able to atomize certain types of food residues such as egg shells. These gather instead of lines of depressions and bad tilt, says Annelie Hedström, researcher at Urban Water Engineering at Luleå University of Technology.

The conclusion in Luleå university study is that food waste disposers should be avoided on sections of pipe that previously experienced problems with blockages. To further minimize the risk of future problems, information about the leftovers that are not compatible with a food waste disposer distributed to households who install the device.

Below you can read a longer Abstract of the research in this area and the original report.

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