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Jesper Johansson, a student at Luleå University of Technology and internet celebrity. Photo: Lars Andersson

Viral success for iced dive

Published: 5 February 2015

Jesper Johansson, an MBA student at Luleå University of Technology has recently received considerable attention in social media. It is thanks to an ice-cold dive in Luleå's record deep snowocean.

How did you get this idea?

- It has famously been much snow recently and many have complained but I think it is fun with the snow and wanted to juice up a bit. I also wanted to show my friends in Indonesia what it's like up here. Most of which have barely seen snow before.

How was it to swim in the snow?

- It was very cool but refreshing. At first, I ended up almost in shock but when I calmed down a bit it went pretty well.

Is this anything you can recommend?

- Yes, I definitely think everyone should try it. It's high season right now so there is not a better time.

How has the reaction been?

- It has been very much. Both from friends but also from the media. I think many from here like the movie as it gives them a chance at poking fun with southerners.

Will you post more snow diving films?

- No, this was probably a one-off after all. But it was funny that the film got such a spread, I would never have imagined.

View Jesper's dive here

Source: Youtube